·       Catering orders can be placed Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

·       Some items may require 24 hours’ notice.

·       One full business days’ notice is required to cancel an order.

·       Orders require a $200.00 minimum

·       Orders will incur a 15% service charge.

·       Gratuity is not included.

·       Help us save the world one plate at a time. Please advise us if you require plates,

     napkins, eating & serving utensils. Additional charges apply for disposable table covers,

     hot food set-ups, flameless hot food set-ups.

o   Disposable Table Cover: $2.50

o   Hot Food Set-Up: $10.00

o   Flameless Hot Food Set-Up: $15.00

·       Pricing is subject to change. Menus will be updated on our website: catering.freshandconyc.com

·       We offer real chafing dishes, ceramic platters, linen table covers and upgraded disposable plates,

     napkins, eating and serving utensils:

o   Real Chaffing set-up: $40.00

o   Black Linen Table Cover: $20.00

o   VIP Disposables: $4.00/person

·       Surcharges & Delivery Fees:

o   Manhattan north of 59th Street & south of 14th Street: $25.00

o   Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx: $75.00

o   New Jersey, Long Island (Nassau County), Staten Island: $100.00

·       Orders with a delivery time before 6:00 AM and after 6:00 PM have a minimum of

     $250.00 and will incur a service charge of 20% and an applied gratuity of 10%.

·       If you’d like to inquire about weekend or holiday service, please contact us directly.